Tormore Distillery

The first new distillery to be built in Scotland in the 20th Century, Tormore Distillery was founded in 1958 in Speyside, just south of the River Spey, taking its water from the Achvochkie Burn.

Designed by architect Sir Albert Richardson, Tormore Distillery is a fascinating listed building that combines neoclassicism with modernism and even has a clock that plays four different Scottish songs every quarter of an hour.

Tormore takes its name from the Gaelic phrase ‘Torra Mhòir’, meaning ‘the big hill’, a reference to the nearby Cairngorms National Park and its mountains and forests, which give the distillery suitably impressive surroundings to complement its famous architecture.

When it opened, Tormore had four stills but this was doubled to eight in 1972 and the distillery has a capacity for 3.7 million litres a year, most of which goes towards blends, which was the original intention of owners Long John when it was first founded.

There are two official single malts, the light and fruity 14 Years with a hint of spice, followed by creamy toffee and vanilla undertones and the denser and smoother 16 Years. Tormore is also bottled by independents such as Signatory Vintage, Cadenhead’s, Blackadder, That Boutique-y Whisky Company, Douglas Laing’s Xtra Old Particular and Provenance.

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