Benrinnes Distillery

Benrinnes Distillery - Known in the industry for creating wonderfully unique spirit, Benrinnes has only released a single release in almost 200 years of distilling, such is the demand from the blended market.

The original Benrinnes distillery was opened by Peter McKenzie in 1826, although it was to be short lived as a flood destroyed the entire site just three years later. Rebuilt in the outbuildings of a farm in 1835 by John Innes.

Damaged by fire in 1896, the distillery was completely rebuilt, moving over to electric power and equipped with more modern distilling equipment.

Purchased by John Dewars & Sons in 1922, the distillery underwent another renovation by the company in 1955 with the traditional maltings replaced with a saladin box, putting an end to farming on the site.

Expanded in 1966, Benrinnes was equipped with a further three stills, taking the distillery to a total of six. In 1974 Benrinnes would begin a rather unique and special triple distillation process, leading to a meaty and sulphuric new make spirit.

Used extensively in the blended market, Benrinnes unique character has only seen one official bottling, a fifteen year old named Flora and Fauna.

Now owned by Diageo, the distillery remains in high demand by the blended market with occasional independent bottlings appearing from those lucky enough to acquire a cask.

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