Ardmore Distillery


Ardmore Distillery’s site is perfectly located 600 feet above sea level and it’s also in close proximity to the Northern railway line. This gave founder, Adam Teacher, the ability to transport materials to the distillery, which was founded in 1898.

Situated by the tiny village of Kennethmont on the rugged fringes of the Scottish Highlands, it draws water from naturally rising springs located on the 1,500-foot-tall Knockandy Hill.

Ardmore Distillery was originally created to provide fillings for the blended Teacher’s Highland Cream but it has also seen the production of single malts, which was originally branded as Ardmore Traditional Cask until 2014 when it was superseded by Ardmore Legacy.

That created a stir because it came with a switch from barrier filtering to chill filtering and a year later Ardmore Tradition was relaunched due to public demand, with a return to barrier filtering.

Production at the Ardmore Distillery has largely remained the same since it first opened its doors, with the original two stills taken up to a total of eight as production has increased over the years.

Ardmore’s single malts are smooth, lightly-peated and sweet with a smoky vanilla with traces of vanilla, honey, cinnamon, heather and toffee. Ardmore Tradition is double-matured in oak barrels and then smaller Quarter Casks.

Available casks
Distilled at Royal Brackla
2008 Barrel
Distilled at Deanston
1999 Hogshead
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