Tamnavulin Distillery

Tamnavulin is the second distillery to be built within the Glen of the River Livet, after the infamous Glenlivet.

Known as the mill on the hill, the Tamnavulin distillery is one of the younger Scotch distilleries, established in 1966. The distillery’s aim was to produce large quantities of Whisky, exclusively for the blended scotch market.

When Whyte & Mackay purchased Invergordon distillers in 1993 for £132 million, it took control of Tamnavulin, Bruichladdich, Isle of Jura, Tullibardine, and Invergordon.

Sadly as a result of the slump in demand for Scotch Whisky, the decision was made to close the distillery in 1995.

Reopening for a very limited time in 2000, Tamnavulin remained mothballed until United Spirits purchased Whyte & Mackay in 2007. Under the leadership of Vijay Mallya, the new Indian owners initiated a refurbishment of Tamnavulin and reopened the distillery.

Relaunched on its 50th anniversary in 2016 as a Single Malt, Tamnavulin is now a popular high-street brand of Whisky sold in many supermarkets. The distilleries’ use of hand-selected ex-sherry and red wine casks has earnt Tamnavulin many plaudits.
Thanks to the strong marketing behind this formidable Speyside malt, it is not surprising Tamnavulin has now become the UK’s fastest-growing malt brand.

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