The Linkwood Distillery

Linkwood Distillery dates back to 1821 when the first distillery there was opened on the outskirts of Elgin by a man called Peter Brown. There were two stills initially and Peter Brown ran it until his death in 1868 when it passed to his son William who completely rebuilt it and massively increased its output.

After whisky production had ground to a halt during the Second World War, Linkwood reopened under the management of Roderick Mackenzie, who famously refused to even allow cobwebs to be cleared from the distillery in case it impacted the quality of the Scotch.

The distillery that stands today at Linkwood was opened in 1971, running production alongside the older one until 1985 when that was shut down and used for experimental research by new owners Diageo before being demolished in 2012.

Like many other single malts from the Speyside region, Linkwood has a light flavour very much inspired by its pastoral surroundings, with a grassy and floral aroma. The long fermentation and distilling process results in a thick texture that makes it popular for blends and it is often matured in ex-sherry casks.

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