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World Whiskeys – Our Team’s Top Picks
World Whiskeys –  Our Team’s Top Picks
Whiskey is a drink with a rich and diverse heritage, cherished by connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

At Whisky Partners, our staff are lucky to work amongst some of Scotland’s finest drams daily. Their appreciation for Whisk(e)y doesn’t just stop at Gretna however. Today, we delve into the preferences of Whisky Partners’ team, discovering the world whiskies that have captured a special place in their hearts and on their palates.

Aslan Kaplan - Senior Portfolio Manager

Aslan Kaplan, was introduced to the world of whiskey through the 12-year-old Yamazaki Suntory. In a traditional Japanese Sushi house in Manila, Philippines, Aslan embarked on his whisky journey whilst sampling this incredible dram. This memorable experience made a lasting impression on him, and the Yamazaki Suntory 12-year has remained his favourite ever since. Even after a decade, Aslan doesn’t forget the name and location of where he first tasted Whiskey with that incredible Yamazaki.

Alice Endersby - Social Media Manager

Alice Endersby discovered her beloved whisky, Never Say Die (Bourbon Barrel Strength), whilst working at a whisky show. Produced in Kentucky and matured in England, this unique combination of English and American whisk(e)y captivated Alice from the very first sip. The detailed origin story shared by the brand ambassador added an extra layer of appreciation to the experience. The bold flavours and characteristics of Never Say Die resonated with Alice, cementing it as her top choice.

Hannah Owen - Sales Support Manager

Hannah Owen, the Sales Support Manager at Whisky Partners, was introduced to the Swedish whisky Mackmyra Limousin at a captivating whisky-tasting event. The fruity notes of this Swedish gem won her over instantly. Its distinct character and vibrant fruity notes captured Hannah’s imagination, making Mackmyra Limousin her go-to whiskey of choice.

James Holland - Content Manager

James Holland, the Content Manager here at Whisky Partners, has a deep appreciation for the Japanese whisky Nikka from the Barrel. His first encounter with the Japanese dram was in the picturesque French Alps whilst DJ’ing at a festival. James was hooked when he first savoured its smooth buttery finish with vanilla notes, putting the ultimate finishing touch on an incredible trip.

Tom Crowe - Sales Director

For Tom Crowe, The Legendary Red Silkie Irish Whiskey holds a special place in his heart. This Irish delight made its mark on Tom while visiting his mother’s hometown in Donegal. As fate would have it, he stumbled upon the newly formed distillery, took a tour, and was instantly captivated by The Legendary Red Silkie. Since then, it has become a cherished whiskey that reminds Tom of his roots and the beauty of Irish craftsmanship.

Thomas Witherell - Senior Portfolio Manager

Thomas Witherell, a Senior Portfolio Manager here at Whisky Partners, received a delightful surprise this Christmas—a bottle of Hibiki Harmony. This Japanese whisky became an instant favourite due to its smooth and moreish nature. Thomas appreciates the perfect balance of fruit and spice that Hibiki Harmony offers, making it a prized addition to his personal collection.

Inspired? Start your own Whiskey Journey today!

Our team have shared some their favourite drams, showcasing the diverse and captivating world of whiskies. From Japan to Sweden, Kentucky to Ireland, each whiskey holds a unique story and flavour profile that has captivated the palates of our team. If you’re inspired to embark on your own whiskey journey, we invite you to browse our diverse stock of Whiskey Casks and even Panamanian Rum . Whether you’re a connoisseur seeking a unique cask or a newcomer eager to diversify your portfolio, Whisky Partners offers an unparalleled selection of investment-grade casks that suit all budgets. 

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