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Whisky Partners Sponsors the GWCT Scottish Game Fair 2023
Whisky Partners Sponsors the GWCT Scottish Game Fair 2023
As a leading cask ownership specialist, Whisky Partners is delighted to announce our sponsorship of the GWCT Scottish Game Fair in 2023.

This prestigious event celebrates Scotland’s vibrant countryside traditions and promotes wildlife conservation—a cause that resonates deeply with our commitment to preserving Scotland’s cultural heritage. We are excited to offer exclusive benefits to our valued clients, including free entry to the fair, dining at the renowned Nick Nairn Restaurant on-site, and participating in thrilling clay pigeon shooting activities.

A Passion for Heritage

At Whisky Partners, we are passionate about Scotland’s rich heritage and time-honoured traditions. As whisky casks specialists, we are passionate about the growth of one of Scotland’s oldest trades. By sponsoring the GWCT Scottish Game Fair, we extend our passion for heritage beyond whisky to preserving Scotland’s natural beauty and wildlife.

Exclusive Benefits for Our Clients

We understand the importance of providing exceptional experiences for our clients, and we are proud to offer exclusive benefits as part of our sponsorship. Our valued clientele will receive complimentary entry to the GWCT Scottish Game Fair, allowing them to immerse themselves in Scotland’s countryside’s sights, sounds, and traditions. They will also have the exclusive opportunity to indulge in delectable dishes at the renowned Nick Nairn Restaurant, celebrated for its culinary excellence and commitment to locally sourced ingredients. Some of our clients will also have the opportunity to engage in an incredible clay pigeon shooting experience, further enhancing their visit to the fair.

Celebrating the Spirit of Scotland

Through our sponsorship, we celebrate the spirit of Scotland and showcase our dedication to its cultural and natural heritage. We firmly believe in supporting initiatives that promote responsible land management, conservation, and the sustainable use of Scotland’s resources. The GWCT Scottish Game Fair provides the perfect platform to reinforce these values and highlight the importance of preserving Scotland’s unique landscapes and wildlife.

Attend the GWCT Scottish Game Fair

We would like to extend a special invitation to our clients to join us at this remarkable event. If you are interested in attending, we encourage you to contact your dedicated portfolio manager at your earliest convenience. Your Portfolio Manager will be delighted to provide further details and assist you in securing your place at this memorable celebration of Scotland’s cultural heritage and wildlife conservation. 

Please note that places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

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