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Ecospend joins Whisky Partners To Offer ‘Pay-By-Bank’ Services
Ecospend joins Whisky Partners To Offer ‘Pay-By-Bank’ Services
Whisky Partners is proud to have partnered with leading payment provider Ecospend to allow our customers a smooth and more secure payment process.

Ecospend’s pay-by-bank technology will enable a range of new payment functionalities for Whisky Partners’ customers, including:

• A ‘pay-by-bank’ option, allowing customers to complete their transactions instantly using Ecospend’s e-commerce payments technology.

• Pay by QR Code, this secure method allows the user to scan a code to pay via their own banking app. Safe, secure, with all details already inputted, payments have never been so simple.

• Biometric authentication, drastically reducing fraud and providing payment options without the need to input personal details.

Supplying payment solutions to retail websites, tv stations, local government, and even HMRC, Ecospend processes more than £4bn a year through its secure payment technologies. With every transaction authorised by bank-level security, our partnership with Ecospend has created a more secure payment process for all our customers, reducing the risk of fraud whilst also reducing the time to checkout. 

James Hickman, COO at Ecospend, comments:

“Our partnership with Whisky Partners marks an exciting moment for Ecospend, as we introduce all the benefits of open banking payments to a new sector. By using our account-to-account payment services, not only will Whisky Partners be able to offer customers a smoother and more efficient payments experience, but it will also see them significantly reduce the cost of processing traditional card payments.”

Louise Robinson, COO at Whisky Partners, comments:

“As a business, our aim has always been to make cask ownership as simple as possible. Partnering with Ecospend allows us to streamline our payment system, enabling a smoother and more secure purchasing experience for all our clients. By removing the traditional complications of manual bank transfers and avoiding the costs involved with processing card payments, Ecospend was the perfect fit for our business and we’re excited to see how our partnership develops over time.”

Innovative Web Portal & Dedicated Apps

Modernising the traditional view of Whisky Cask ownership, our innovative online portal and accompanying apps make the cask ownership journey easier than ever before. Enhancing the whole cask purchasing process, customers can now buy, hold and manage their casks from anywhere in the world and at any time. In addition, users are able to securely access key documents and download certificates straight to their computer or mobile device, creating added convenience.

To access our online portal and browse our current stock please click here. New users can register free of charge by clicking the following link and mobile users can download the app free of charge from their preferred app store below.

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