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Whisky Partners Creates Lasting Connections at Iconic Barcelona Event
Whisky Partners Creates Lasting Connections at Iconic Barcelona Event
Last week, Whisky Partners had the pleasure of organising a remarkable event in the vibrant city of Barcelona.

With the iconic Real Club de Polo as our venue and the support of the Alcantara Family Foundation, this event became an exceptional fusion of sports, charity, and celebration.

A Unique Collaboration

Supporting the wonderful Alcantara Family Foundation, the event was filled with exciting padel matches, a racket-based sport similar to tennis doubles, followed by a prize-giving ceremony. Founded by former professional football players from FC Barcelona, Thiago and Rafinha Alcantara, the foundation utilises the power of sports to support young individuals in vulnerable situations. You can learn more about the foundation’s invaluable work by clicking here.

A Captivated Audience

Hosting around a hundred guests, the morning commenced with spirited padel matches, where participants displayed their athletic prowess. The highlight of the day awaited everyone on the terrace, which served as the venue for the prize-giving ceremony. Lincoln Silva presented the third-place award, followed by F. Alcantara, awarding the second-place prize. The ceremony then concluded with Louise Robinson, representing Whisky Partners, proudly presenting the first-place trophy.

“Today, we’ve witnessed success on the padel court and, more importantly, success for the event’s charity, The Alcantara Family Foundation. It was a privilege to present the winner’s trophy and to meet with our wonderful guests, introducing them to Whisky Partners and the lucrative world of cask ownership.” – Louise Robinson.

Meaningful Conversations

The event provided a platform not only for a collective celebration but also for insightful conversations. Throughout the day, attendees had the chance to engage in one-on-one discussions with the Whisky Partners’ Barcelona team about cask ownership. The genuine interest expressed by some guests was so profound that follow-up meetings have already been scheduled, showcasing the event’s impact in creating new and exciting partnerships.

In Conclusion

A memorable day of padel matches, prize-giving ceremonies, and enlightening conversations marked the beginning of promising collaborations for Whisky Partners in Spain. As our Barcelona office continues to grow, this event will serve as a significant milestone in its journey towards creating positive change within the local area. To learn more about Whisky Partners and the unique cask ownership opportunities we offer, please speak to one of our dedicated Portfolio Managers today.

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