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Whisky Gift Guide: Our Pick From Speyside
Whisky Gift Guide: Our Pick From Speyside
This December, Whisky Partners has collaborated with Hard To Find Whisky to bring you three incredible bottles from each Scotch Whisky region.

This week, we take a look at a region once considered part of The Highlands, Speyside.

Speyside takes its name as a region from the River Spey, which runs through it, and many of the distilleries take their water from it. Roughly 50% of all of Scottish whisky is produced here, partly because of the river and its low levels of mineral content, but also because it is a relatively dry and warm region with a large barley supply.

Legal production began here in 1824 when the Glenlivet Distillery received a license a year after the Excise Act came into effect. Rumour has it that its owners had to carry weapons to protect themselves from the less legal distillers in the area.

For many years Speyside whiskies referred to themselves as Highlands whiskies and this practice still continues with some distilleries, including the legendary Macallan. In 2009, the Scotch Whisky Regulations clarified which were Highlands and which were Speyside.

Speyside whiskies come in many forms but there are two main varieties including light, sweet, grassy and honeyed single malts and more full bodied sherried whiskies. Glenfiddich, The Macallan and The Glenlivet make up a third of the entire single malt market between them, highlighting the dominance of Speyside whiskies.

To learn more about any of these fantastic bottles or to purchase them from Hard To Find Whisky, please click the images of the bottles below!

Benromach - Cask Strength


Tasting Notes:

Nose: Rich and spicy Sherry aromas

Palate:  Vanilla, orange zest and black pepper

Finish: Soft and Smokey.

Linkwood - Tri Carragh


Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Deep umber, cream sherry. First-fill American oak cask? Excellent beading, good legs – both indicating texture.

Aroma: A mild nose-feel, nose drying with light prickle. A shy nose which takes time to open, the top notes start faintly herbal and mentholic (spearmint?), then develop towards caramel toffee (even chocolate coated toffee). A little water introduces a spicy note and also, for me, a fleeting suggestion of Turkish Delight!

Palate: A smooth texture and a taste which interprets the aroma in every particular: lightly tannic overall, but with a sweetish start, some spice in the medium-length finish and a mouth-cooling after taste.

Glenrothes - Soleo Collection


Tasting Notes:

Nose: Decadent vanilla and orange, with hints of cherry and almond developing.

Palate: Still packing plenty of dried fruit notes, alongside crisp pear and a spicy touch of stem ginger.

Finish: Lasting sweetness of vanilla and pear, with peppery flourishes.

To learn more about these incredible whiskies, please click the images above where you will be taken to our partners Hard To Find Whisky’s dedicated product pages. Alternatively, you can discover more of our top picks from the other Scotch Whisky regions including The Islands, IslayCampbeltown, Lowlands, and the Highlands by clicking the relevant links.

Slainte mhath!
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