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All you need to know about World Whisky Day
All you need to know about World Whisky Day
What better way to celebrate a day dedicated to whisky than sipping one or two of your favourites?

Or maybe this World Whisky Day you want to learn more about how fruitful investing in cask whisky can be.


In this article, we’ll find out what World Whisky Day is all about and all the reasons you should look to get involved in cask whisky investment.

What and when is World Whisky Day

World Whisky Day is a day of the year dedicated to celebrating whisky, including the cultural heritage of the drink and those involved in its production.

This day of celebration is on the third Saturday of May every year. It began in 2012 and is now recognised by the Scottish parliament, such is its mass appeal.

“Water of Life” or “Fire Water”, as it was referred to in Ireland over a millennium ago, grew in popularity exponentially after it was conceived and is still revered to this day.

If you’re a total beginner when it comes to whisky, that’s no problem. Whisky Partners has a wealth of knowledge to share regarding whisky and is here to introduce you to investing in cask whisky so you can make it a profitable endeavour. 

How do people get involved with World Whisky Day?

There are a number of ways you can actively engage with others to share the festive experience.

Social media content, online streaming of talks, competitions, and tastings are just a handful of the ways you can join in.

Aside from allowing us to toast with friends, World Whisky Day promotes distilleries everywhere, teaches us more about the history of the drink, and is a great opportunity to find out more about people who might not get frequent enough recognition in the industry.

Whisky stores and other outlets everywhere get involved in the festivities by offering customers discounts and access to events where they can socialise with other enthusiasts. 

The more people we have with a genuine interest in whisky, the better. Increased demand would mean a higher sale price for your cask whisky and is good news for distilleries who can increase their production. 


Explore cask investment this World Whisky Day

Make today your whisky day: navigate the Whisky Partners website and see how you can benefit, like not having to pay Capital Gains Tax upon sale, fully bonded storage, and an online portal to make cask whisky investment a breeze, among many other advantages.

With the support of our experienced and insightful team at Whisky Partners from the beginning of the process until you decide to exit, you can select the cask that’s right for you with whisky from an array of renowned distilleries.

Want to know more about what we do? Browse the Whisky Partners website to find out how we can help your investment grow this World Whisky Day.

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