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Celebrating National Rum Day
Celebrating National Rum Day
While Whisky and Gin have domineered the spirits market in the UK, Rum has often been overlooked, until now.

In fact, interest has been steadily growing for some time and a National Rum Day suggests that it’s time in the spotlight has arrived.

The growth and popularity of rum

In every sugar producing country since the 17th century, Rum has been distilled from the sweet by-product of sugar cane and molasses. The raw spirit can be aged, much like Whisky, in sherry, wine, port or other pre-used barrels or, in virgin oak to create distinct flavour profiles.

Often linked with the Caribbean, conjuring images of pirates swigging Rum as they plundered the high seas, now modern marketing has replaced them with palm trees and sunsets. However, it was certainly a valuable commodity, used as currency to trade and trafficked by smugglers, willing to risk a hanging to avoid duty – something else it has in common with it’s Scottish counterpart.

In fact Central America is where some of the most famous producers are based. Panama in particular, has a thriving Rum industry and once the Panama canal opened in 1914, local distilleries started exporting their Rum world wide.

Many of Panama’s producers have created award winning spirits, one of the most famous is  Varela Hermanos who have been making Rum for over 100 years. Located in a valley in central Panama, where the soil is fertile and perfect for growing sugar cane, Varela Hermanos is one of the last plantations to distill using its own molasses, from cane harvested at their estate.

The business is run by the third generation of the original founder, Don José Varela Blanco and produces around one million cases of Rum each year, including the world renowned Ron Abuelo. Today, Varela Hermanos accounts for 90% of Panama’s domestic consumers and now Whisky Partners has secured a limited number of casks for our UK clients.

We’ve used our extensive knowledge of the spirits market to bring Whisky cask ownership into the mainstream, offering investors a straightforward platform to buy, sell and profit from their asset. We recognise that Rum is at the beginning of a similar trajectory and we believe that it will soon be as desirable as Whisky for smart investors.

We’re not alone either. A recent article in Forbes online, suggests that Rare Rum will the next spirit to become an ‘investment asset class’, which is how financial planners describe assets like stocks, bonds and real estate, which are traditionally considered to be secure.

Looking at export forecasts for Rum in a global market, there’s no doubt that the potential for growth is very attractive. At Whisky partners, we’re seeing strong parallels with how single malt whisky was performing 20 years ago. Importing high-quality aged Rum from an established and respected distillery right now, is set to deliver similar profits for owners in the future.

With casks priced between £6,000-£18,000, we advise early enquiries as we expect a huge response to our partnership with Varela Hermanos. And, as with Whisky production, demand could easily outstrip supply.

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