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An Exciting Time for Bladnoch
An Exciting Time for Bladnoch
Established in 1817, Bladnoch proudly stands as the world's oldest privately owned Scotch whisky distillery.

Revived by owner David Prior and master distiller Dr Nick Savage, Bladnoch embraces a taste-first approach to whisky making.

“I’ve only ever fallen in love instantly three times – once when I met my wife, once when I held my daughter for the first time, and once when I walked onto Bladnoch.” - David Prior
Enotria&Coe Takeover

Bladnoch has partnered with Enotria&Coe, a leading wine and spirits distributor, for a three-year deal. This collaboration aims to accelerate the growth of Bladnoch’s single malt whisky brand across the UK. Glen Gribbon, CEO at Bladnoch, expresses excitement about expanding the brand’s presence, particularly in premium on-trade, independent wholesalers, and prestige retail channels.

Ants Rixon, managing director at Enotria&Coe, emphasises the alignment of values between the two entities.

The partnership between Bladnoch and Enotria&Coe was established on 1st February 2024.

Bladnoch’s First Brand Ambassador

Adding star power to the brand, actor Mark Rannoch, known for his roles in the global hit TV series Outlander, joins Bladnoch as its first Brand Ambassador. Mark’s debut appearance at Bladnoch’s Burns Supper marked the beginning of his role in promoting the brand worldwide.

What's Coming Soon

Since joining Bladnoch in 2019, Master Distiller Dr. Nick Savage, renowned for his expertise from The Macallan, has brought a fresh perspective. Driven by a passion for quality, Nick foresees a bright future for Bladnoch. The distillery’s whiskies, which are now available in over 40 markets worldwide, include the signature Vinaya, a tribute to Bladnoch’s founders. The core range features expressions such as Liora, Samsara, Alinta, and various age statements.

Exciting innovations are on the horizon, such as The Dragon Series – five exceptional single malt whiskies celebrating the artistry of whisky making. Hand-crafted using the pristine waters of the River Bladnoch, these whiskies are non-chill filtered to ensure the purest flavours are preserved.

As Bladnoch enters this thrilling new era, it invites enthusiasts to savour the craftsmanship, heritage, and innovation that define its whiskies.

Stay tuned for more remarkable releases and experiences from this historic distillery. Cheers to the journey ahead!

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