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Celebrating World Whisky Day 2022
Celebrating World Whisky Day 2022
On Saturday the 21st of May, we raise a dram to world Whisky day, celebrating another fantastic year for the water of life. Whisky is enjoying a strong resurgence after the pandemic and it has already started 2022 in fantastic fashion, breaking headlines with numerous records set. 

In a world fearing rising inflation and a cost of living crisis, Whisky is once again proving its mettle, selling for record values. With a cask of Macallan recently selling for over a million pounds at auction, Whisky is regularly making the news as people seek alternative investments. 

The record-breaking £1m cask was incredibly forgotten by its owner. After being reminded by the distillery about his 1989 purchase, the Macallan Butt went on to sell in an online auction to a private investor from America. This incredible story, which you can read here, was the second cask investment to make the headlines after Rodger Parfitt had sold his own casks to Whisky Investment Partners, returning an incredible 4600%. Both casks are fantastic examples of the capital free gains long term Whisky investment can produce.

Bottles Reaching New Heights

And it’s not just casks setting new records either. Finished in September, The Intrepid is the largest bottle of Scotch Whisky ever created. Containing 311 litres of 32-year-old Macallan single malt from two sister casks, The Intrepid will be sold at auction just four days after World Whisky Day, on May 25th.

Expected to be the most expensive bottle of Whisky ever sold, 12 smaller 50cL bottles have also been produced.  You can view the auctions by clicking here.


The 1.8m tall bottle is an incredible celebration to some of the world’s most pioneering explorers, sales helping support their chosen environmental, physical and mental well-being charities. 

Public Reaction To Whisky Investment

In celebration of World Whisky Day, Whisky Investment Partners headed onto the streets of Leeds to spread the word of Whisky, Cask Investment and capture people’s reaction to the recent records set.

With physical assets historically doing well against the financial markets during hard times, would the general public gravitate towards alternative investments?

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World Whisky Day

You can learn more about the fascinating history of World Whisky day and it’s creator, Blair Bowman in our dedicated blog post found here. Celebrated on the third Saturday of every May, it’s a special day with events around the globe dedicated to not just Scotch Whisky, but Whiskeys of all origins from around the world.

Where ever you might be on Saturday the 21st of May, we hope you’ll raise a dram in good company, enjoying the splendour and success of this incredible spirit!

Slàinte Mhath!

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