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Introducing Rum Cask Investments
Introducing Rum Cask Investments
Cask Rum is a new and exciting investment proposition, allowing investors to get a head start on the next premium spirit trend.

Rum shares a lot of its process with Whisky, a product we know intimately. Scotch Whisky has been the stand-out alternative investment of the last decade, setting record after record.

As Whisky continues to break the headlines with both cask and bottle sales, investors are now reaping the rewards of wise investments made years ago. 

And Rum is on the start of this journey, now considered by many industry experts to be the next great investment grade spirit to add to your portfolio.

Why Now Is The Right Time For Rum

Following in the footsteps of Scotch Whisky, the law regarding age statement bottlings of Rum was recently changed in 2021, requiring all bottles to now state the youngest drop in the bottle.

This law change has increased the demand for aged Rum casks whilst also helping push the spirit into the premium category. 

Unlike other established spirits such as Gin, Vodka, and Whisky, Rum is just starting its journey into the premium market. Following in the footsteps of these other spirits, premium Rum sales increased by 18% in 2021 alone.

The potential for this growth is significant too, with premium rum only accounting for just 3.2% of global rum volume in 2020. 

“Actually, we’re getting in on the ground floor (with Rum) of what I believe could well be the next investment grade trend in spirits” – Ken Grier, CEO De-Still Creative

Our Rum

Sourced from the Varela Hermanos distillery, our rum has matured in hand-selected Jack Daniels barrels, for ten years before being transported to the UK. 

By combining our trusted contacts and expertise here in the UK, with the incredible Rum Casks from distilleries abroad, we can import and securely age Rum Casks much longer in Scotland to fulfil the demand in this emerging market. 

Rum offers a unique and desirable investment opportunity for all with a comparatively low entry point. We’re proud to bring the safety and security of the Scotch Whisky investment model to Rum, one of the world’s most popular spirits.

Start Your Rum Investment Journey

To learn more about this incredible spirit with our FREE Guide, contact our dedicated Portfolio Managers. Alternatively, you can see current stock levels and manage your investment portfolio by logging into the new portal by clicking here.

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