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Whisky Gift Guide: Our Pick From The Highlands
Whisky Gift Guide: Our Pick From The Highlands
This December, Whisky Partners has collaborated with Hard To Find Whisky to bring you three incredible bottles from each Scotch Whisky region.

This week, we take a look at Scotland’s largest Whisky region, The Highlands.

The distinction between Highlands whiskies and Lowlands whiskies dates back to the Wash Act of 1784 when taxes were raised to bring in much-needed revenue to pay for the Napoleonic War. These taxes worked differently north and south of the geographic line, with Lowlands duty set at 2.10 pounds sterling per gallon of capacity per year while it was just 1.1 pounds in the Highlands.

Meanwhile, because much of the whisky produced in the Highlands (especially the less legal whiskies) was consumed locally, it escaped many of the tax increases that all but bankrupted the industry in the Lowlands and resulted in lower-quality whisky being produced. This meant that Highlands whisky gained a reputation as the better quality produce and grew in popularity.

To learn more about any of these fantastic bottles or to purchase them from Hard To Find Whisky, please click the images of the bottles below!

Ben Nevis - 10 Year


Tasting Notes:

Nose: Fresh and quite dry. A supple greenness with soft leafy notes with a rich fruitiness. Hints of orange and Seville marmalade with a light vinous character and nutty undertones.

Palate: Gentle dryness. Toffee. Looming omnipresent are solid peat notes with a bitter sweetness.

Finish: Silken, toffee and caramel notes balanced with a touch of mochaccino and dark chocolate on the tail.

Glenmorangie - Tale Of The Forest



Tasting Notes:

Nose: A forest-like depth of taste and aroma, commencing with a bouquet of pine, juniper and coriander, along with roasted chestnut and an intriguing whisper of smoke.

Palate: Upon sipping, flavour explodes in the mouth. Whirls of peppermint, bursts of eucalyptus and rustles of bitter orange. All floating on clouds of vanilla with intriguing hints of black liquorice.

Finish: It concludes with a slow and luscious finish featuring lemon, orange and a soft hint of oak.

GlenDronach - 21 Year Old Parliament


Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Deep amber with a cherry wood sheen.

Nose: A delicate mix of ripe autumnal fruits – notably blackberries and red plums. Rich Oloroso sherry and candied orange segments. Spiced oatmeal biscuits and toasted oak fragrances bring excellent weight and balance.

Palate: Resolute flavours of fine Oloroso sherry and bitter chocolate sauce, which has been spread liberally over homemade plum pudding. This is all infused with fabulous spicy notes – cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg. Full-bodied with smooth tannins.

Find bottles from other incredible Scotch Whisky Regions...

To learn more about these incredible whiskies, please click the images above where you will be taken to our partners Hard To Find Whisky’s dedicated product pages. Alternatively, you can discover more of our top picks from the other Scotch Whisky regions including The Islands, Lowlands, Campbeltown, Speyside, and Islay by clicking the relevant links.

Slainte mhath!

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