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Spotlight On: Rum Casks
Spotlight On: Rum Casks
Although not as popular as sherry cask finishes, Rum is rapidly emerging as a fantastic option for those looking for a more exclusive dram.

Often described as Tropical or Caribbean, rum casks can be used for the entire maturation period or, more commonly, just for finishing. Known for complimenting Scotch well, rum casks are currently experiencing a surge in popularity, adding a burst of fruity, floral flavours to the dram!

Rum's Story

Produced by fermenting molasses or sugar cane juice, rum is a sweet liquor that can be aged for either a short period of time or all the way up to whisky rivalling 20+ years. Like Scotch Whisky, rum is a clear, potent liquid that is predominantly matured within ex-bourbon casks. The length of time left within the cask changes the rum’s colour, taste and texture, meaning that rum can vary from a strong and clear spirit through to a dark, smooth sipping drink.

Although rum is distilled around the world, the most popular distilleries hail from the warmer climates where the sugar cane can be grown on-site. These include Caribbean islands such as Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, through to South American nations such as Panama.

Why Rum Casks?

Although rum is typically matured in ex-whisky casks, the roles are sometimes reversed, and to great effect. When matured in ex-rum casks, the complexity of whisky increases, with more pronounced vanilla and spice flavours emerging. The sweetness from the rum helps enhances the depth of the whisky’s character with floral, fruity notes emphasised on the nose.

Although increasingly popular at the moment, whisky bottlings matured in rum casks rarely disclose the brand of rum that was once held in the cask. Due to various trademark and association rules, the industry usually defaults to naming the cask after the region the distillery lies within. The most common casks come from Caribbean islands such as Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

Re-racking your Whisky Into A Rum Cask

Re-racking your cask can significantly improve its desirability and value for a relatively small cost. Here at Whisky Investment Partners, we can help you re-rack your existing casks and even source the rum cask on your behalf.

For more information about re-racking your cask into a rum cask, click here to read our dedicated guide or speak to your Senior Portfolio Manager today!

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