Glenshiel Distillery
Glenshiel is a single malt Scotch whisky produced by the Loch Lomond Distillery from the Highlands. It was named for the Battle of Glen Shiel which took place in 1719 between British soldiers and an alliance of Jacobites and Spaniards, with the legendary Scottish folk hero Rob Roy amongst those involved.

Glenshiel is known for its warm amber appearance, aroma of malted barley with a fruity sweetness and a flavour profile that takes in sweet fruits and smooth toffee with a smoky finish.

The Loch Lomond Distillery itself dates back to 1814 when it was built in Arronchar, but this original distillery only lasted for three years before closing down. The current Loch Lomond Distillery is much more modern, having been founded in 1964 in Alexandria by the former owners of the Littlemill Distillery.

In 1984 the distillery shut down production for three years, only reopening in 1987 when it was purchased by Glen Catrine Bonded Warehouses who began grain whisky production in 1993, making it the only distillery in Scotland at the time to produce both malt and grain whiskies. Loch Lomond expanded in 1999 with the addition of two further malt stills.

The distillery has the ability and self-sufficiency to produce Special Edition Whisky including single grain whisky and deluxe blends. Its pot malt stills are also unique because of the cylindrical necks of the spirit stills, which are not open like traditional stills. They include special distillation trays in the necks, allowing for greater contact with the cooling alcohol vapour, making the process more efficient.

Available casks
Distilled at Deanston
2021 Barrel
Distilled at Deanston
2022 Barrel
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